Davits Selection
Calculate the TOTAL weight (kg) to be carried by the davits, this includes:-
illustrated calculator for Davits selection
MODEL <50 <75 <100 <125 <150 <175 <200 <225 <250 <300
S-type         S150 S175   S225 S250 S300
D-type     D100 D125 D150 D175 D200 D225 D250  
LSD-type LSD50 LSD75   LSD125            
15ZERO-type         15ZERO          
BLUEWATER-type                   BD400
TENDER RING T/R                  

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Series 8 Davits >

Series 10 Davits >

Traditional Davits >

Cantilever Davits >

Swivelling Davits >

OVAL 15ZERO Davit >

Handylift Outboard Davits >

Tender Ring Davit >

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