Handylift Outboard Davits HL35/60
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A simple tube davit that is designed to take the effort out of lifting outboards and other weighty articles aboard from tender or pontoon.
Lifting capacity ranges from 35 to 125kg according to model.
An optional mid-height swivel joint is available to allow stowage in small spaces.
The fixing clamp on 35 and 60 slides on the lower section of the Handylift tube and uses the pushpit rail as a support.
Base size is 100 x 100mm with an offset socket for fitting next to the toe rail.
All models in 316 stainless steel.
125 model has a hand winch and is supported from a base bracket.

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HL35 35kg Lift
HL35S 35kg Lift Swiv. Joint
HL60 60kg Lift
HL60S 60kg Lift Swiv. Joint
Handylift Davit HL35S
Handylift Outboard Davits HL35/60 specification diagram

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