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RNLI Lifeboat Crane

Cooney Marine manufacture the RNLI Hydraulic Crane Which is used to help the RNLI carry out their duties

RNLI Cran Cad.jpg

Built to withstand severe weather conditions the RNLI Crane can lift more than a tonne and move on 3 axis easily and quickly in urgent rescue situations. also features a release hook to release the tender into the water for quick deployment.

Designed in house to Lloyds standards of lifting. The crane was designed specifically for the RNLI, we manufactured 44 cranes which are now fitted to the Severn class lifeboat. The design includes a cranked jib which enables the crane to lift the y-class tender from the roof of the lifeboat and release it into the sea for urgent rescue operations.

RNLI Crane Side image.jpg
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