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Series 8 Davit

The Series 8 offers strength and maximum style in an all-stainless Davit.

Since Cooney Marine took over Simpson Davits they have been considering ways to improve on the Traditional Davit, the result is the new Series 8 Davit


to keep current drain to a minimum and make the powered option a first choice especially as manual override is fitted as standard.


The Series 8 Davit comes in standard, long reach and tall configurations (tall only available on S225/250 models) with lifting capacities from 150kg to 300kg per pair of davits (manual and electrical versions available). White painted version also available.

The Simpson Series 8 Davit has a seven sided structure giving the davit a greatly improved look and retaining all of the strength of the present design. The new model was conceived with electrification very much in mind and the power version has no external motor casing to detract from the streamlined shape.

Power winches have historically been avoided on sailing yachts due to the battery capacity on board, but this unit is designed



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